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Product Submissions

Innovation is a focus of ours at TRITECHFORENSICS.  We are always looking for new and improved methods for collecting evidence, protecting a crime scene, or incorporating advanced technologies into our product line.  Do you have an idea or a product TTF might be interested in?  E-mail us, including your name and contact information and the product idea.  We will review your suggestion and, should your conception be a good fit with TTF’s products, we will contact you for further information.

TTF has a long history of working with inventors, bringing smart, fully functional and tested products to the market.  Several of our best-selling items began as rough concepts, brought to us by thoughtful law enforcement officers, instructors, and scientists.  An excellent example of this type of relationship resulted in the development of the revolutionary SwiftLift Latent Print Powder Applicator Mitt.  We worked with the innovator to perfect and manufacture this progressive latent print powder applicator, providing investigators with a tool to locate prints in seconds rather than hours.  Our partnership is a success for everyone involved and has provided an item to the forensics community capable of changing the way crime scenes are processed.     

We look forward to hearing your product ideas, too!  

Please note that TTF can only respond to those inventors offering ideas that our experts believe are compatible with the markets we serve.  TRITECHFORENSICS shall not be required to respond to or use any submission nor offer protection of such information.  Confidential information should not be included in your initial e-mail to TTF, as we would prefer to take formal steps to protect you and your idea before significant details are shared.


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