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Lumicyano 1 Step
Cyanoacrylate Latent Print Fuming System

Fume & Dye in less than 30 minutes

DNA sampling compatible
Improved precision of fingerprints
Operates in all fuming chambers
Can be used directly at crime scene

LumicyanoLumicyano allows, with a one-step process, the revelation of fingerprints in standard fuming chambers.  It removes the post-processing stage of dyeing or dusting with powder; fingerprints are immediately fluorescent!

The Lumicyano process requires the combined use of Lumicyano Powder and Lumicyano Solution. It can be used in all fuming chambers operating under standard fuming conditions (Hygrometry: 80% - Hotplate: 250°F/130°C).

Lumicyano has been specially designed to show fingerprints with a stronger brightness and to develop high-level detailed fingerprints under optimal conditions. There is also a minimized risk to over-glueing; this provides better results than classical cyanoacrylate, post-treatment dyes, or powders.
Lumicyano can be used instead of classical cyanoacrylate (superglue) in fingerprint development sequence.  It is therefore fully compatible with post-treatments using dyeing agents (such as BY40 or rhodamine) and dactyloscopic powders.
In such a case, thanks to the structure and the quality of the Lumicyano polymerization, the overall results have a much better quality than results obtained using a classical cyanoacrylate to start the development sequence.
The Lumicyano technology is fully compatible with DNA analysis. It is, therefore, possible to perform a double identification (papillary then DNA identifications) on a single print. Such additional analysis is not possible with dactyloscopic powder or Basic Yellow 40/ Rhodamine post-treatment.

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