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Our new catalog is loaded with over 450 new products, and it will be an asset to anyone seeking additional information on the TRITECHFORENSICS line of products.   

Below you will find pdfs of our new catalog for download.  If you would also like a hard copy of the catalog, click here and fill out the catalog request form.  

Thank you for your interest in TRITECHFORENSICS.


Specimen Collection  Specimen Collection (7.54 MB)

Evidence Collection  Evidence Collection (9.36 MB)

Latent Print Collection  Latent Print Collection (7.45 MB)

Fingerpinting  Fingerprinting (3.20 MB)

Forensic Light Sources  Forensic Light Sources (3.57 MB)

Theft Detection  Theft Detection (1.52 MB)

Evidence Casting  Evidence Casting (2.34 MB)

Presumptive Drug Testing  Presumptive Drug Testing (2.34 MB)

Personal Protection  Personal Protection (1.16 MB)

Lab Equipment  Laboratory Equipment (2.85 MB)


New Courses! New Instructors!
Our Training Division is expanding!

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