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Account & E-mail

How can I change my account information? 

Each customer has a "Dashboard" to control their TRITECHFORENSICS online account information. From this Dashboard, you can add or edit account information including ship to and billing addresses and your password. Access to your Dashboard is located in the top navigation bar (in the white area) under My Account. Once at your Dashboard, use the edit links to change your account information.


I've forgotten my password.  What should I do? 

When you click on the Sign In link, you will enter your e-mail address and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can enter the e-mail address you used when you opened your account, and a temporary password will be sent to that e-mail address.  When you log in with the temporary password, go to your Dashboard and enter a new password.


I changed my e-mail address and I've forgotten my password.  What should I do? 

Because we value your privacy and the security of your account, in the event we cannot send an e-mail to the e-mail address you used to sign up, you will have to begin a new online account.  Your in-house account will still be active, and, if you e-mail us with the request, we will be able to go into your new online account and enter your old TTF customer account number.  You will not have on-line access to any account history or preferences from your last account.

Where can I find my order history?

When you sign into your account, you will have a Dashboard, giving you access to your account information.  One of the tabs on your Dashboard is Order History, and, after clicking on that tab, you will be able to view past orders.  Specific payment information is not available online at this time.


Why do you want my e-mail address? 

TRITECHFORENSICS will use your e-mail address to contact you regarding your order, allowing you to receive a tracking number and additional information as needed.   We may also send occasional informational e-mails.


Do you sell the e-mail addresses you collect?

No.  TRITECHFORENSICS  takes your privacy very seriously.  Any information given to us is kept safe and private.  We will not share or sell your personal information.  Please read our Privacy Terms for more information.


How do I opt out of e-mail advertisements? 

Though most of our e-mail advertising is done on an opt-in only basis, if you are receiving advertising e-mails from TTF and would prefer no longer receiving these e-mails, please send us an e-mail at  Please include "Remove me from your e-mail list" in the body of the letter.  We will make every effort to remove your name before our next mailings are sent; however, you may receive another e-mail while we process your request.        


Do you use cookies?

TRITECHFORENSICS uses software tags called “cookies” to identify customers and track the shopping cart feature when you visit our site.  Our customers benefit from this by being able to stay logged in during their visit so they do not have to continually log in.  It also allows selected products within a Shopping Cart to remain as a customer goes to other areas to browse.  If you set your browser to refuse cookies, please contact TRITECHFORENSICS at 800.438.7884 to place your order with our Customer Service Department.



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