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Custom Options

What is a custom product? 

Simply put, it is a product created just for you, with your preferences in mind.  We can add barcoding, sequential numbering, special colors, your own logo, and more.  Create your own forms, create your own investigation kit, combine several smaller kits into one comprehensive unit fit for your needs - you name it, we can help you bring it to life.

Who are our custom product customers?                                            customers who use custom products

  • Military Units
  • Governments
  • Educational Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Sports Teams
  • Major Retailers
  • Foreign Nations
  • Private Industry


What can you customize?
Almost anything.  Some of the products we have customized are listed below, and we are always excited to find new products to make your own! 

  • Forensic specimen collection kits
  • Disposable swab drying racks
  • DNA specimen collection kits
  • Missing persons family DNA kits
  • Child identification kits
  • Biological specimen collection kits
  • Postmortem specimen collection kits
  • Gunshot residue collection kits
  • Plastic evidence bags
  • Evidence tags and labels
  • Swab boxes
  • Swab labels
  • Sawtooth evidence security tapes
    and seals
  • Paper evidence envelopes
  • Sequential bar code products
  • Crime scene and victim sketch cards
  • Latent print collection kits
  • Crime scene/homicide investigation kits
  • Fingerprint record cards
  • Fingerprinting kits
  • Thief detection kits
  • Narcotics investigation kits



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