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Custom Guidelines


TRITECHFORENSICS provides a broad range of custom products to aid in the collection of evidence by law enforcement, laboratory, and medical personnel.  Our goal is to maximize final output quality of all custom products, using the graphics (logos, illustrations, etc.) provided by our customers or using our own stock illustrations.

Quality original artwork is essential for producing a clear and accurate image of your logo or illustration.  By providing digital art files that meet the following criteria, you insure that your custom product looks professional and reflects your organization’s standards.  We offer these guidelines to minimize the chances that additional fees may be required and to help you in locating the correct graphics needed for your product. 

Shown below are the types of files that will produce the best results for your product, as well as those that will not produce high-quality products.  Please remember that graphics should be submitted separately, not embedded in another file.  

RECOMMENDED FORMATS FOR SUBMITTING ART                                    TTF Guidelines for Art Submission


•  Illustrator (.ai), InDesign (.indd), or Photoshop (.psd)
•  TIF (.tif)
•  JPG (.jpg) at a high resolution (300 dpi+)

•  PDF (.pdf) - files cannot be changed and must be 
   submitted in correct size and black only
•  Bitmap (.bmp) - these files will occasionally work
   and must be evaluated on an individual basis

•  Word (.doc)
•  Powerpoint (.ppt)
•  Excel (.xls)
•  GIF (.gif)
•  Scanned documents
•  Logos placed on other documents (letterhead, etc.)
•  Artwork taken from the web                                                                               

                                                 Print a copy of these guidelines.


TRITECHFORENSICS is committed to producing the best possible product for our customers.  If submitted artwork is in an unacceptable file format, it may have to be recreated to produce an image that will print correctly.  This will add to the cost and turn-around time of your order as it is a labor-intensive process.  A one-time fee per image may be added to the cost of your order for graphics services.  



1.  Black & white images work the best; we can change the color.  Four-color images will have to be recreated.
2.  What you see is what you get, so if you print your item and it is fuzzy for you, it will be for us, too.
3.  Shaded areas, half-tones, and patterns do not print well. 
4.  Large areas of solid color may not print well, depending on their location on your product.
5.  Photos print as if they were in a newspaper (with small dots).  Illustrations (line drawings) print better than photos.
6.  Generally, your image should be submitted at or as near to the size to be printed as possible.
7.  Jagged edges mean your artwork is not high resolution.
8.  It is often possible to locate acceptable artwork through your printer or communications department.
9.  Submitted logos and graphics must be editable in Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign.

Should you need further information on submitting your logo, photo, or illustration, please contact your sales representative.  We will be glad to look at your file and provide feedback on its quality.


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