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Custom Products


Security Seal showing void image left after removal


A customer called us with a special request.  The challenge was to design a customized product for them that would be strong enough to meet certain protective parameters but would also exhibit tamper-proof characteristics.  We considered the customer’s needs and created a unique prototype that went beyond the customer’s expectations.  Our dedicated Custom Products Division worked with specialized vendors to develop this unique product.  A few weeks later, we placed the new product in the customer’s hands, pleased to have met the request with an exceptional product and honored at having been chosen to develop this special item for them.

Unusual? Not for us.  At TRITECHFORENSICS, we have a division devoted to producing custom items for our customers, from Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits to Evidence Seals and more.  If you are looking for an item uniquely your own, we can create it for you, producing an excellent product in a timely manner.  We won’t compromise on quality, and our standard control procedures insure your kit is one you can use with confidence, knowing that the end product meets your requirements.

Our Custom Products Division will help you take your ideas for an individual product from conception to completion in simple steps. We’ll help you design a kit, provide you with a quote, and plan a delivery schedule that will meet your needs.  For over 25 years, we’ve been fitting products to meet the needs of our customers.  As your customized solutions headquarters, TRITECHFORENSICS is ready to do the same for you.   

Interested in the precut, tamper-indicating Void Security Seal?
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