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Specialized Products FAQ

What are the benefits of ordering a custom product?

Customization involves creating a unique product that fits your department or lab, through the items that are included in custom kits, the instructions that apply to a kit that meet the laws of a certain state or local government, or the specific products that you prefer to use.  Often a name or logo is included to add another layer of security.  Simply, a custom product meets the specific needs of the user in order to assist in the performance of a task.   

How do I order custom products?

Our custom products associates have many years of experience and are able to offer out-of-the-box options as well as provide feedback on your ideas.  Through a personal consultation, one of our associates will assist you in planning your product and answering your questions.  An e-mail to us or chat with our live chat operators can get you started, obligation free!  

What is the minimum I have to order to get a custom product?

The minimum order varies depending on the product.  Some of our forensic evidence collection kits might require an order of 1000 kits while latent fingerprint kits could require as few as one.  A custom products associate can explain quantity requirements during your consultation or our live chat operators can give you a general overview.

Will I get a proof of the final product?

We provide proofs of many of our custom products; however, some products do not lend themselves to proofing.  The customization options in our latent print kits, for instance, are in the components.  Because each custom product is created to your specifications, we will make sure you are completely satisfied before we produce your entire order.

How long will it take to receive my custom product?

We offer a wide variety of custom products, each with a varying production time.  Some products, which include custom fingerprinting and latent print kits, might be available for shipping within a day.  Others, including any with custom artwork, will take longer as we make sure they meet with your approval before beginning production.  Your custom product associate will be able to give you an estimate during your consultation.

What type of artwork will you accept for custom products?

Our associates will be glad to review acceptable formats for your product and provide you with an art information sheet (see guidelines, listed left) during your custom product consultation.  Many of our clients send rough drafts of instructions or forms and allow our graphics department to design the final form.  Our goal is always to follow our customer’s guidelines and to create a custom product that is simple and easy to use. 

Can I return custom products?

Custom products are not returnable.

What if I find a mistake during the process or after I receive my product?

We have put procedures into place to prevent or catch mistakes before you receive your product.  If your product is a printable one, you will receive a proof, which you will approve before we begin production of your product.  We recommend having more than one person proof each page and reading any common items (i.e., phone numbers, addresses) backwards.  Any mistakes found on approved documents will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  Customizable items consisting of products only undergo a two-check process in which they are created by one person and verified by another.  As in the printable product case, any mistakes found will also be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Can I get a prototype of my custom product?

Your custom product associate will review your product and make that decision with you.  Most of our customers find that e-mailed proofs work well and offer the option of putting in writing any changes before production.

Can I reorder custom products in smaller quantities than my first order?

Yes; however, minimum quantities are required for some products, and pricing may be different due to quantity discounts offered on previous orders.  If you believe you may be placing future orders for your custom product, please discuss this with your custom products associate during your initial consultation.

What is the procedure for reordering my custom product?

Custom orders cannot be placed online at this time.  You should contact your custom order associate when it is time to reorder your custom product.

How long have you been creating custom products?

TRITECHFORENSICS, originally Tri-Tech, Inc., has been creating custom products for over 30 years.  We are the largest manufacturer of custom forensic collection kits in the world, and, as they say, practice makes perfect.  We know custom products and take pride in our work.  We would be happy to provide you with a free quote for your product. 






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