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  • BlueClue Gunpowder Particle Tests

    BlueClue Gunpowder Particle Tests are quick and dependable field tests for the detection of nitrates found in gunpowder. These deposited particles may be collected using the included adhesive lifters. The lifter is then returned to the test, and the...

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  • Explosives Residue Swabbing Kit

    Our Explosives Residue Swabbing Kit is used for the collection of organic and inorganic explosive residues at a post-blast crime scene, or from items or surfaces too large to submit to a laboratory. The best areas to swab are smooth non-porous surfaces...

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  • Bullet Hole Examination Kit and Refills

      The examination of suspected bullet holes in clothing, bodies, and other objects for the presence of lead and copper can frequently provide valuable information such as whether the damage was caused by a bullet, whether the bullet was copper...

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