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In November 2013, BioSeal Systems released their TC BodyBag®s and were met with lots of praise for their transparent, zipper-less design. Now the newest technology in body bags is improved, based on feedback from actual users. A translucent, self-sealing containment device for human remains, these innovative body bags are provided as a single pouch that can be trimmed to fit any size of remains and then stored, shipped, or cremated.

Each bag comes with a clear, textured liner that can be discarded, utilized as an absorbent pad, or used to conceal the remains.

The plastic layers are coated with a proprietary adhesive formula that will not stick to any surface other than itself, so it is absolutely safe around the delicate tissue of remains.

Once sealed the TC bag can be opened for inspections and resealed as many times as you like. Each TC bag will contain and hold up to 275 lbs of weight.

They are packaged with 10 units per box for delivery.

New and improved features:
•    Increased length — TC BodyBags® are now 108” long, leaving a full 9 feet of space for taller decedents
•    Improved liner:
     o    Transparent — the brown paper liner has been replaced by a transparent liner for even more visibility
     o    Textured — having a textured liner allows easier and quieter removal
     o    Perforated — perforations have been added every 12” so removal can be done after the decedent is placed