Presumptive Blood Tests - Phenolphthalein

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Using our Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Tests is a simple and reliable way to presumptively determine the presence of blood at a crime scene. Our tests are extremely easy-to-use and compact enough to be transported to the scene inside your pocket. Each one-time-use test is enclosed in a heavy gauge, resealable bag that contains three color-capped vials of premeasured reagent, making measuring, mixing, and storage of chemicals unnecessary.

To use our Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Tests, simply place a small sample of the suspected stain material, thread, wiping, or swabbing into the bag. Next, the three color-capped vials will be sequentially crushed and the chemicals mixed by agitating the bag. The liquid will turn bright pink in the presence of blood.

Each box of our Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Tests includes ten individual tests. For convenience, the instructions for use are affixed to the individual test bags. The sealed vials of reagent provide a long shelf life and require no refrigeration.