Presumptive Semen Tests

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When searching for evidence using a forensic light source, an investigator may uncover a fluorescent stain that they suspect to be seminal fluid. While still at the scene, it is useful to perform a presumptive test for the presence of semen on the suspected stain. Using our Semen Presumptive Tests is a simple way to determine whether or not a stain sample needs to be collected for further testing.

To begin, the user will first moisten the stain with the tube of sterile water. Next, a sample of the suspected stain should be transferred to the transfer paper. Simply squeeze the second tube to crush the glass vial inside, then shake to ensure complete mixing of the components. To apply the reagent to the transferred stain, the user will gently squeeze the applicator. The liquid will turn deep purple in the presence of acid phosphatase (semen) within 30 seconds.

Each box of our Semen Presumptive Tests includes six individual tests. Packaged in a clear plastic bag are a sheet of transfer paper and two tubes with applicator tips: one with a glass vial of sterile water and one with a glass vial of the necessary reagent.