Latent Print Protein Stain - Amido Black - Methanolic, Aqueous, or Rinse/Destain

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Amido Black is an extremely effective protein stain used to enhance faint or nearly invisible bloodstains to a deep blue-black color. It will not stain latent prints that are not bloodstained and, therefore, must be used after other latent print processes have been performed.  It is also important that any biological evidence such as semen, urine, or blood has been collected before use.  Amido Black can be used on most porous and non-porous surfaces.

Amido Black can be either methanol or water based.  With the Amido Black Methanolic Latent Print Protein Stain, the item must be set by submerging the item in methanol or heating the surface.  Our Amido Black Aqueous Latent Print Protein Stain comes with a fixative included, making the application of this product a one-step process.

Note: Though not usual, our dyes and stains, depending on the quantity ordered, may require an additional hazardous shipping charge be added.  We will contact you if this is the case.