Latent Print Dye - Sudan Black - Liquid, Powder, or Rinse/Destain

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Sudan Black is a dye that stains latent prints containing oils and other sebaceous materials.  It is one of the best methods for developing latent prints found on greasy or waxy nonporous surfaces such as glass, metal, milk cartons, interiors of gloves, or candles.

Sudan Black can be applied by submerging the item into the liquid for several minutes. The item should be rinsed to remove any excess dye using our Sudan Black Rinse/Destain (Reorder No. CHE-3162) and allowed to dry.  The resulting development of the latent print is a dark blue-black image.  The print should be photographed and kept as evidence.

Our Sudan Black is offered in a liter bottle of Premixed Liquid (Reorder No. CHE-1600) or in a 30-gram bottle of powder for mixing your own solution (Reorder No. CHE-1602).  We recommend purchasing our liter bottle of Rinse/Destain (Reorder No. CHE-3162) for use with our Sudan Black products.