Latent Print Lifter - GELL-LIFT Liquid

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GELL-LIFT Liquid Print Lifter is a liquid gel print lifting medium that was specifically designed to lift powdered latent prints from difficult or textured surfaces. It fills in the texture and therefore encapsulates the print for lifting. It is particularly useful on textured vinyl such as dashboards or vinyl seats, deeply grained woods or Formica, textured metals such as appliances or office machines, and textured plastics commonly found on consumer electronics.

To use our GELL-LIFT Liquid Print Lifter, first dust the latent prints with powder. Next, place a few drops of the GELL-LIFT onto the side of the latent. Spread it into a thin layer over the dusted latent with a toothpick or paperclip. Let the GELL-LIFT dry completely and lift the encapsulated latent print with tape or lifter and place on a backing card.