Cartridge Case Development Kit and Refill Chemicals

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Latent prints can sometimes be developed on brass, nickel, and copper cartridges cases by means of cyanoacrylate fuming, etching with a “Blue” Etching Solution, and post-treatment with an Acidified Peroxide Solution.  The principle behind this sequence is that the person handling the cartridge casing will transfer a latent print containing lipids or sebaceous oils to the casing and additionally may transfer other substances such as lubricating grease to the casing.  These substances will protect metal surfaces directly beneath them from chemical reaction or etching and may provide for the possibility of development by cyanoacrylate.

Our Cartridge Case Development Kit includes all the necessary reagents and supplies needed to develop latent prints on cartridge cases.  The reagents are also available to reorder individually as needed.  Note: This process will only work with brass, copper, and nickel cartridges and cartridge casings.  Steel, lacquered nickel, and cases with a polymer coating are not suitable for this method.

To develop latent prints using our Cartridge Case Development Kit, begin by lightly fuming the item with cyanoacrylate.  After fuming the cartridge case, immerse it into the “Blue” Etching Solution.  To stop the process and prevent the print from being overexposed, the casing should be placed in distilled water.  Let the casing air-dry and the blue-black coating to harden.  The areas that were not protected by lipids and cyanoacrylate will turn a blue-black color.  The developed latent prints should be photographed and kept as evidence.  A post-treatment with the supplied acidified peroxide solution can now be performed.

Kit Components
•  “Blue” Etching Solution – 8 oz
•  Acidified Peroxide Solution – 8 oz
•  Distilled Water – 8 oz
•  Nitrile Barrier Gloves
•  5.25” Plastic Forceps
•  Instructions for Use

Refills of the "Blue" Etching Solution and Acidified Peroxide Solution are available.

Note: Though not usual, depending on the quantity ordered, this item may require an additional hazardous shipping charge be added. We will contact you if this is the case.