Seminal Fluid Identification

  • Presumptive Semen Tests

    Presumptive Semen Tests

    When searching for evidence using a forensic light source, an investigator may uncover a fluorescent stain that they suspect to be seminal fluid. While still at the scene, it is useful to perform a presumptive test for the presence of semen on the...

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  • Presumptive Semen Test Kit - TMP

    Presumptive Semen Test Kit - TMP

    Our TMP (thymolphthalein monophosphate) Presumptive Semen Test Kit is a reliable laboratory test for presumptively indicating the presence of semen (acid phosphatase) on a suspected stain. TMP tests are the best-suited method for testing suspected...

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  • FORENTEST Semen Detection Tests - 8/box

    FORENTEST Semen Detection Tests - 8/box

    FORENSTIX Presumptive Tests are designed to provide the crime scene investigator with the ability to conduct presumptive chemical fluid field tests utilizing simple methodology and minimum equipment. These one-time use tests feature a swab pad on the end...

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