Child Identification Kit - 25/case

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Child safety is a concern of parents, communities, and police throughout the country. When a child is reported missing, law enforcement agencies require accurate and current information about the child as quickly as possible in order to begin a search. In most cases, however, parents are so distraught they have difficulty answering even simple questions concerning their child.

Our newly designed Child Identification Kit was created to eliminate these problems by providing police with photographs, thumbprints, and other pertinent information to assist in a rapid recovery of a missing or abducted child. Our kit also collects DNA saliva specimens which, in a worst-case scenario, would be used to make a positive identification of the child’s remains.

Our kit can be used in conjunction with police or civic public relation programs at schools, county fairs, etc. The kits can be custom printed with your organization’s name and logo on the back of each kit envelope along with your corporate sponsors’ names and logos. Our Child Identification Kit is kept by the parent/guardian for safekeeping and only given to the police if the child is reported missing or abducted.

Note: Quantity discounts are available. Please contact one of our customer service representatives for more information.

Kit Components:

1 ea. Kit Envelope, 6” x 9”

1 ea. Child Identification Form/FDA Insert, 11” x 17” with Saliva Swabs Envelope affixed to the back and a Photo/CD/DVD Envelope affixed to the inside

1 ea. Sterile, cotton-tipped Swabs (2/pkg)

1 ea. Pre-inked Fingerprint Sheet

1 ea. Tamper-evident Security Seal for resealing saliva envelope