Crime Scene Sketch Kit- Basic

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Although photographs are useful, scale drawings of a crime scene provide far more precise information pertaining to the distances from objects in a room (chairs, tables, etc.) to the evidence (shell casings, blood trails, etc.) and provide a jury with a bird’s eye view of the crime scene.

Our Crime Scene Sketch Kits provide the investigator with all the necessary items to go from a rough sketch to a finished sketch and then to a scale drawing of the crime scene.

Our Basic Sketch Kit is similar to our Advanced Sketch Kit, but it does not include a magnetic compass, 6" bow compass, 5.5" divider, or the 50' steel tape measure.

Kit Components

1 ea. Aluminum Clipboard, 8.5” x 12”
1 ea. 50-sheet Quadrille Ruled Pad
1 ea. 12” Transparent Ruler
1 ea. Mechanical Sketch Pencil
1 ea. 30/60° Clear Plastic Triangle
1 ea. 45/90° Clear Plastic Triangle
1 ea. Traffic Accident Template
1 ea. Double Traffic Template Set
1 ea. House Furnishing Template
1 ea. Office Plan Template
1 ea. Crime Scene Template
1 ea. Human Figure Template
1 ea. Protractor
1 ea. Kit Instruction Sheet