Animal Cruelty Forensic Kit for Veterinarians

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The TRITECHFORENSICS Animal Cruelty Forensics Kit was developed in conjunction with animal cruelty investigators to be a comprehensive investigative toolkit.

Our Animal Cruelty Forensics Kit contains all the equipment needed to process an animal cruelty crime scene, including crime scene protection, evidence collection, and personal protection products.

Also contained in this portable, easy-to-use kit is additional equipment needed to examine the animal victim of abuse. Custom kits are also available for those agencies desiring to include their own forms or additional supplies. Request a quote on a custom kit here.

Kit Components

1 ea. Kit Case
10 ea. Evidence Tags, 3” x 6”
20 ea. Releasable Cable Ties
10 ea. Evidence Marking Flags, yellow
1 ea. Evidence Seals, 100 seals/roll
1 ea. Sawtooth® Evidence Tape, red
10 ea. Self-Sealing Plastic Evidence Bags, 9” x 12”
10 ea. Paper Evidence Bags, 7” W x 4.25” D x 13.75” L
10 ea. White Evidence Envelopes, 5” x 7.5”
5 ea. 1 oz. Polystyrene Evidence Jars
5 ea. 4 oz. Polystyrene Evidence Jars
5 ea. .5 oz. Metal Evidence Container, 1.5” x .5”
10 ea. Swab Boxes, 6” L x .5” W x .5” H
20 ea. Swab Protectors
10 pks. Sterile Cotton-Tipped Swabs, 2 per pack
10 pks. Sterile Omni Swabs, 1 per pack
30 ea. Swab Evidence Labels
1 bx. Hemident™ Presumptive Blood ID Kit, 10 per box
1 pk. Vinyl Photo Scales, 12 per pk, 6 asst. colors
1 ea. ABFO No. 2© Photomacrographic Scale
1 ea. 26’/8m English/Metric Measuring Tape
1 pk. Black Evidence Markers, 3/pkg
4 ea. Plastic Disposable Tweezers
1 ea. Long Wave UV Lamp, Shirt Pocket, Battery Operated
1 ea. Kevytto™ Coveralls with Hood and Boots*
10 ea. Wood Tongue Depressor
10 ea. Small Plastic Spoons for Entomology Collection
1 ea. Digital Thermometer, Extreme Temperature Range
10 ea. Drape Sheet, 40” x 48”
10 ea. White Bags, 5” W x 3” D x 9” L
10 ea. Rubber Bands
2 ea. Pint Size Solid Sample Evidence Containers
10 ea. Nylon Arson Bags, 12” x 16.5”
12 ea. Transparent Evidence Lifters, 2” x 4”
15 ea. Paper Bindles
10 ea. Foreign Material Envelopes, 5” x 7.5”,
preprinted and containing one paper bindle
and one pack of sterile cotton-tipped swabs (2/pkg)
10 ea. Hair/Debris Envelopes, 5” x 7.5”,
preprinted and containing one swabbie towel
and one black plastic comb
1 ea. 3.5 Magnifier
1 ea. Mikrosil Casting Putty Kit, Brown
1 set. Trajectory Rods, 4 per set