Infant/Child Death Investigation Kit

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In collaboration with a leading expert in child death investigations, TTF has developed the first-of-its-kind Infant/Child Death Investigation Kit (ICD Investigation Kit). This ICD Investigation Kit was developed to assist law enforcement and medicolegal investigators with the particular demands faced in the collection of information and evidence in child death cases. The ICD Investigation Kit contains customized forms specific to the common types of deaths of infants and minors, as well as the necessary authorization for release of information and demographic forms so that relevant records can be obtained.

TRITECHFORENSICS partnered with an expert in child development and child death investigations who provides training nationally to law enforcement professionals involved with the handling and investigation of child fatalities.

The smallest detail in a child death investigation can mean the difference in determining the cause and manner of death. The ICD Investigation Kit is the only comprehensive solution to ensure that critical information and evidence is gathered in every case.

Form and Report Packs are now available to customers who have purchased the Infant/Child Death Investigation Kit previously. Report Packs and Authorization Packs are provided in 10x13/2mil, heat-sealed poly bags. The 9 x 12 Kraft Pathologist/Medical Examiner Envelopes are provided in a 12x15/2mil, heat-sealed poly bag.

Kit Components

1 ea. Rolling Kit Case with Handle

1 ea. Information to Assist Law Enforcement

1 ea. Asphyxiation Instructions

1 ea. Drowning Instructions

1 ea. Gun/Fire/Toxin Instructions

1 ea. Hanging Instructions

1 ea. Child Abuse Homicide Instructions

10 ea. Authorization for Release of Information Forms

1 ea. 13 Pocket File Folder for Kit Forms

10 ea. Demographic Report Forms

10 ea. Asphyxiation Report Forms

10 ea. Drowning Report Forms

10 ea. Gun Report Forms

10 ea. Fire Report Forms

10 ea. Toxin Report Forms

10 ea. Hanging Report Forms

10 ea. Child Abuse Homicide Report Forms

10 ea. Biohazard Labels - 2" x 1.75"

10 ea. Biohazard Labels - 1.25" x 1"

1 ea. Metal Write-On Clipboard

10 ea. General Screening Presumptive Drug Test

5 ea. ODV-902

5 ea. ODV-904

5 ea. ODV-908

5 ea. ODV-923

3 ea. Small Wet/Liquid Wax Evidence Bags

2 ea. Evidence Transport Bags

3 ea. Medium Paper Evidence Ba

gs 3 ea. Small Paper Evidence Bags

3 ea. Large Plastic Evidence Bags

3 ea. Medium Plastic Evidence Bags

3 ea. Small Plastic Evidence Bags

10 ea. Pathologist/Medical Examiner Envelopes

5 ea. White Evidence Envelope - 3.5" x 6.5"

5 ea. White Evidence Envelope - 5" x 7.5"

5 ea. Cotton Tipped Swabs (2 per package)

5 ea. Swab Boxes

12 ea. Plastic Tweezers

10 ea. Large Nitrile Barrier Gloves

1 ea. Roll of Sawtooth Evidence Tape - Red

10 ea. Paper DVD/CD Holders

10 ea. Evidence Cans - 1 oz.