Momentum MT200 Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kit (WiebeTECH)

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The new TRITECHFORENSICS' Momentum Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits are intuitive and forensically-sound data acquisition tools, allowing for analysis and review of evidence data. These kits are a field capture solution designed for front line officers to seasoned investigators from state, local, and federal law enforcement and other government agencies.

We have built each of our Momentum Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits with the field investigator in mind. At your fingertips are all of the necessary collectors, write-blockers, cables, and the appliance of choice to view and capture digital evidence. Our Momentum Mobile Triage Kits are also equipped with a complete set of software and phone capture cables for performing field reviews and imaging capabilities.

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Our Momentum Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits are the only complete, all-in-one forensics kit to allow investigators to process as much or as little digital evidence as required at the scene. Forensics analysts can quickly view more accessible evidence from suspect devices at the scene of a crime, allowing the hunt for suspects to start immediately from the crime scene instead of days, weeks, or months later when data is finally shared from older methods.

Partnering with the leading forensics software companies allows for analysis that the user can quickly browse, enabling the investigator to easily view the most common file formats, such as images, multi-media, PDFs, office documents, browser activity, email, chat logs, profile settings, details of previously attached storage devices, recent file activity, network settings, installed software, and more.

Our Momentum Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits are fitted with compartment-cut foam, organizing every item from start to finish and keeping your kit prepared for the next crime scene.

Our systems are thoroughly tested for reliability and performance and come with a standard 1-year warranty.

Included in the Momentum MT200 Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits are:
• Rugged Case
• DuraFoam Cut Storage
• 1 TB Reusable HD Collectors (3 per kit)
• Bootable CD/DVRW Drive
• Multi Card Reader
• Cell Phone Cable Set
• AccessData Triage Software
• AccessData MPE+ Software
• 32 GB USB Thumb Drives (2 per kit)
• Digital Camera
• Your Choice of Portable Write Blockers:
Tableau - set of 4 (Reorder No. DF-MT200-TAB)
CRU/Wiebe all-in-one (Reorder No. DF-MT200-CRU)