Suspect DNA Whole Blood Collection Kit - Case of 10 or 25

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Our Whole Blood Specimen Collection Kit requires the blood to be drawn by trained medical personnel. The responsibilities of the investigating officer and that of the medical personnel are clearly defined and separated to eliminate problems at the time of collection and possibly later in court.

After specimen collection, the kit box is sealed and forwarded to the crime laboratory.

Quantity:  Full Case = 25 kits  |  Partial Case = 10 Kits


Kit Components

1 ea. Tamper-evident, pre-sealed Kit Box (5" L x 3.75" W x 2.5" H) with biohazard label affixed

1 ea. Kit Instruction Sheet/FDA Insert

1 ea. Blood Collection Information Card

1 ea. Ziplock Bag containing a liquid-absorbing sheet

1 ea. 7 ml EDTA Blood Collection Tube

1 ea. Bubble pack Blood Tube Protector

1 ea. Tamper-evident Blood Tube Security/Identification Seal

1 ea. Safety Tube and Needle Holder

1 ea. Multi-sample Needle (20 g x 1.5" )

1 ea. Alcohol Prep Pad

1 ea. Tamper-evident Kit Box Shipping Seal


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