Elite - Tactical Trauma Kits

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For over 20 years, Elite First Aid has worked with some of the largest and most well-known agencies to supply first aid and rapid response kits. Now available from TRITECHFORENSICS, these kits are a must-have for anyone in law enforcement, military, or elsewhere in the field.

The Elite Tactical Trauma Kit was designed by a former pararescueman to be used by those who may find themselves in the line of fire, such as police, military, tactical groups, and hunters. With easy access to all essential items in an emergency and two large straps with snaps at one end to attach to a belt up to 5" wide, the MK-TTK Tactical Trauma Kit can be worn in any other location with additional Alice clips (not included). Shrink wrapped with contents list.

The MK-TTK is available in Olive Drab, ACU (Camo), Tan, Black, or Red.

MK-TTK Tactical Trauma Kit Contents

1 ea. Bleedstop bandage
1 ea. 4” Elastic bandage
6 ea. 4”x4”Sterile sponge
16 ea. 3” Bandage strip
1 ea. SS tweezers
1 ea. EMT shears
1 ea. Abdominal pad 5"x9"
1 ea. First aid instructions
6 ea. Safety pins
1 ea. Pair latex gloves
4 ea. Pain reliever/Apsirin
1 ea. Tape
6 ea. Antiseptic BZK wipes
1 ea. Triangular bandage
5 ea. Butterfly closure strips
2 ea. Ammonia inhalants
1 ea. Burn gel package

Dimensions: 8" x 6" x 3.5", 1.25 lbs.