Extra Large 82 Inch Folding Ruler

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Our Extra Large Folding Rules combine many of the features of our other large reference rulers into one useful package.  Characteristics like having easy-to-read graphics, being built of weatherproof materials, and the ability to fold into a compact shape for portability are just a few of its advantages.  The Extra Large Folding Rules feature both Fractional and Metric reading styles on opposite sides of the same unit. Optirectilinear® graphics are used on each side of the rule, which allows you to read measurements up to 40 feet away, and the bold yellow and black color scheme is designed for optimum clarity in photographs. Rules are 2.5” wide and pivot out in 22.5” (57 cm) multiple sections to accommodate different length requirements. One side has Feet/Inches while the other side counts in Centimeters. There are two length options available to choose from: a 4-section rule reaching 82”/208 cm and a 5-section rule that goes to 102”/260 cm.