Fluorescein Latent Print Fluorescent Stain

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Our Fluorescein Latent Print Fluorescent Stain is an extremely useful reagent for the enhancement of suspected bloodstains, particularly on multicolored backgrounds. Fluorescein is a chemical mixture that causes a catalytic reaction to occur between the hemoglobin in blood and oxygen. This reaction causes a fluorescent product, Fluorescein, to fluoresce or glow in the dark when excited with ultraviolet light or ALS illumination. Fluorescein Latent Print Fluorescent Stain will fluoresce a bright yellow color under a light between 415 and 480 nanometers.

One of the major advantages to Fluorescein is that it will continue to fluoresce when it is applied after the initial application without additional applications of the reagent. Fluorescein is commonly used to detect blood spatter, bloodstained fingerprints and footwear impressions, or blood that has been cleaned up. Stains treated with Fluorescein can be tested for DNA.

Follow the instructions to mix the Fluorescein reagent using the supplied chemicals. To apply, lightly spray the print with the Fluorescein solution you have mixed. Next, lightly spray the print with the with the overspray solution supplied in the other spray bottle. The print can now be viewed and photographed using a forensic light source. 

Our Fluorescein Latent Print Fluorescent Stain includes a spray bottle and vials of all the necessary chemicals needed to mix the solution, a spray bottle of overspray solution, a fluorescent photo scale, and a vial of synthetic blood for use in positive control tests.

Note: Though not usual, our Fluorescein, depending on the quantity ordered, may require an additional hazardous shipping charge be added. We will contact you if this is the case.