HEME-TEST Presumptive Blood Tests

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HEME-TEST Presumptive Blood Tests are fast, convenient, sensitive, and reliable presumptive tests for identifying blood at a crime scene. They have a very simple, easy-to-use design. Each test is a compact, self-contained system consisting of two crushable glass ampoules housed in a hard plastic tube about the size of a cigarette. To use our HEME-STIX Presumptive Blood Tests, simply collect a sample by rubbing the supplied cotton-tipped swab onto the suspected stain or taking a small cutting of the stain. Next, place the sample inside the tube and allow it to fall to the bottom of the tube. Each ampoule is then sequentially crushed and the chemicals mixed with the sample. A positive presumptive reaction will yield a deep blue color. Each box of HEME-TEST Presumptive Blood Tests contains ten individual tests, ten sampling cotton-tipped swabs, and instructions for use.