High Capacity Laboratory Fuming Chamber (120V/60Hz) or (230V/50Hz)

$34,500.00 - $39,000.00
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These Fuming Chambers are specifically designed for use in Crime Laboratories. A patented, ductless system incorporates carbon filters which capture the cyanoacrylate fumes, therefore requiring no modifications to your laboratory. High quality, uniform latent print development is ensured by internal circulation fans that move cyanoacrylate fumes evenly throughout the chamber. The chamber is programmable, offering consistent, reproducible results.

Available in both 120V/60Hz or 230/50Hz models.


• Benchtop Models - Ext Dims 53”H x 39”W x 32”D & Int Dim 36”H x 30”W x 25”D
• Mobile Models - Ext Dims 65”H x 39”W x 32”D & Int Dim 48”H x 30”W x 25”D
• High Capacity Models- Ext Dims 94" H x 72" W x 48" D & Int Dim 76" H x 70" W x 46" D
• Cart with locking wheels -25”H x 39”W x 34”D (Can be used with ether the 1120 or 2120 series to make the units mobile)

Our Custom Blended Carbon Filter (Replacement Multilayer Carbon Filter) is for use in all LFC series chambers, as is our Pre-Filter. The LFC-3120 and LFC-3120/230 require two of each filter.

* Shipping charges on Laboratory Equipment will be determined when ite230V/50Hz models available. Please contact a customer service representative for additional information.