Latent Print - Aqueous Protein Stain - Leucocrystal Violet

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Our Leucocrystal Violet Aqueous Protein Stain (LCV) is commonly used to enhance bloodstained fingerprints and footwear impressions. Leucocrystal Violet will not enhance a print composed solely of normal latent print residues, so it is used only in cases with blood-contaminated impressions. LCV is nearly colorless when first mixed but is oxidized by the catalytic action of hemoglobin in the bloodstain and will convert to a blue-colored solution, which will then stain the bloodstain.

Bloody impressions should always be fixed before using stains to prevent loss of detail. Our Leucocrystal Violet Aqueous Protein Stain comes with a fixative included, making the application of this product a one-step process.

To mix the working LCV solution, add the entire contents of the Part B and Part C vials to the Part A bottle and gently mix. The most effective method of staining an impression with LCV is to submerge the object into the solution. Objects which cannot be submerged can be processed by spraying the item with the Leucocrystal Violet Aqueous Protein Stain. Development should occur within 30 seconds.

To stop the staining action, cautiously blot the area with a tissue or paper towel. To achieve maximum contrast, the staining process may be repeated. Excessive staining of the background or other areas can generally be reduced by rinsing with clear water. The item must be air-dried and then photographed as soon as possible after development as sunlight may cause background staining.

Makes 500milliliters.