Latent Print Developer - Silver Nitrate - Premixed Liquid, Crystals, or Clearing Solution

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Silver Nitrate is a generally used on porous materials after ninhydrin processing. It reacts to the chlorides (salt) that are present in latent prints.

Silver Nitrate is applied by spraying the item or by submerging it into the liquid. After the item has dried, the Silver Nitrate will form a dark brown image after exposure to sunlight or forensic light source. The print should now be photographed and kept as evidence.

Our Silver Nitrate is offered in an 8 oz bottle of Premixed Liquid with Sprayer (Reorder No. CHE-3122), set of six individual vials of Premeasured Crystals (Reorder No. CHE-3123), or in a 25 gram bottle of Crystals (Reorder No. CHE-3127). We also offer an 8 oz bottle of Premixed Clearing Solution (Reorder No. CHE-3124).

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