Latent Print Developer - SPR Reagent

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Small Particle Reagent (SPR) is specifically formulated for developing latent prints on difficult surfaces. It develops prints on wet surfaces such as automobiles or cold drink cans. The reagent also works on oily or textured surfaces.  TRITECHFORENSICS offers black SPR for light-colored surfaces and white SPR for dark-colored surfaces. Our fluorescent formula works well on multi-colored surfaces and fluoresces with the use of a forensic light source.

Our Small Particle Reagent is available in several forms.
   - Premixed Black, White, or Fluorescent SPR in sets of three 16 oz spray bottles
   - Powdered Black SPR in 30-gram jar(s)
   - Rinse Solution in an 8-ounce bottle of concentrate

SPR is extremely easy to use. Shake the mixture and gently mist the surface where you expect to find latent prints. After the Small Particle Reagent is sprayed on the surface, it will adhere to the oils found in fingerprints. When the prints begin developing, simply rinse the area by gently spraying our SPR Rinse Solution (Reorder No. CHE-4107) or plain water to remove any excess reagent. Once the print has been developed, it should immediately be photographed. After the print has dried, it can be lifted using tape or a hinged lifter. In addition, the print may also be lifted wet using tape. To lift by “squeegeeing”, simply place the tape over the print and work from the center outward.