Latent Print Developer - Ultra Adhesive-Side Detergent, Powders, and Liquids

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Adhesive-side processing is an easily performed and effective method of developing latent prints on the adhesive or sticky side of objects such as adhesive tape, duct tape, self-adhesive postage stamps, and labels.

We offer our Adhesive-Side processing products in both powder and liquid form.

The Ultra Adhesive-Side Powders come in two colors: dark and light. These powders are packaged in convenient 2 oz. containers, which can be mixed with our Ultra Adhesive-Side Detergent Solution or equal parts Photo-Flo 200 and water to create a thin paste that is then applied to the sticky side of the substrate using a camel hair latent print brush to reveal any latent prints.

Our Ultra Adhesive-Side Liquids provide the same high-quality results in a hassle-free premixed liquid that comes ready-to-use.