Latent Print Dye - Basic Red - Premixed or Concentrate

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Basic Red Latent Print Dye is a red-colored dye used to stain cyanoacrylate-developed prints. Using Basic Red helps one view and photograph latent prints on non-porous, multi-colored surfaces where it is typically difficult to view ridge detail of latent prints under normal lighting.

Basic Red is used in conjunction with cyanoacrylate to form a compound that will fluoresce under a forensic light source.

There are three different methods for using Basic Red. First, a user may submerge the item into a container of the liquid Basic Red. The second option for application is spraying the item with liquid Basic Red. The last method for applying Basic Red is brushing the liquid Basic Red onto the item using a soft bristle brush. (We suggest our camel hair brush, Reorder No. BR-C-1.5)

No matter which method is used, Basic Red should set for about one minute and then be rinsed before viewing the developed print. Basic Red should never be used on latent prints that have not been fumed with cyanoacrylate. To view the print, use a forensic light source in a dark room. Basic Red fluoresces well between 470 and 550 nanometers. At this point, the print should be photographed and kept as evidence.

Note: Though not usual, our dyes and stains, depending on the quantity ordered, may require an additional hazardous shipping charge be added. We will contact you if this is the case.