Momentum MT450 Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kit

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The TRITECH Digital FORENSICS Momentum MT450 Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits are the most innovated and advanced singular kit available for digital forensics investiagtors and drug/gang task force teams anywhere.

These kits are similar to our Momentum MT400 Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits in that they include your choice of a Cellebrite universal forensic extraction device (UFED) and the superior ADF Solutions Software.

The MT450 goes one step futher in that it also includes the Momentum Eclipse Evidence Screen Capture Tool to quickly, efficiently, and consistently capture images, video, and audio from cell phones, GPS, Tablets, and other mobile devices, securing valuable data that might otherwise be lost.


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The Momentum Eclipse Evidence Screen Capture Tool is an easy-to-use yet comprehensive tool that requires minimal training and expertise. It can be used by law enforcement, military, investigators, prisons, schools, and any other organization that would like to capture screen shots from mobile devices, add notes to them, and organize them intuitively. The Momentum Eclipse saves images and video for categorization, tagging, filtering, and exporting reports with bundled media. It is the best tool for mobile device screen capture in full digital forensics labs, cell phone examination kiosks, forward operating bases, educational institutions, prisons, and even field use.

TRITECH Digital FORENSICS is proud to be a partner with Cellebrite and ADF Solutions. Our Momentum MT450 Digital Forensics Mobile Triage Kits are available with your choice of Cellebrite UFED Touch Logical or UFED Touch Ultimate devices and are supplied with a full complement of cables and accessories for mobile forensics investigations in the field or lab. Our kits also include your choice of ADF Solutions software that is deployed in a plug-and-play approach using a small, portable USB device to allow for fast results and are available in three versions: Triage-Responder, Triage-Examiner, or Triage-G2.

ADF Solutions Software
• Versions: Triage-Responder (TR), Triage-Examiner (TE), and Triage-G2 (TG)
• Extreme ease of use
• Find critical evidence in minutes
• Single device to scan computers using Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms
• View results directly on suspect computer
• Scan computers that are on and off
• Confidently maintain chain of custody with a forensically sound process
• Advanced image analysis to quickly identify illegal images
• Scan multiple computers simultaneously with a single license to lower investigation costs (in the TE and G2 versions only)
• Stealth mode for covert operations (in the G2 version only)

All MT450 Kits Include:

• Pelican 1510 Case with Built-In Smooth Rolling Wheels
• Laser-Cut Foam, Large Pocket, and Storage Pouch
• Momentum Eclipse Evidence Screen Capture Tool
• 1 TB Hardrives (2 per kit)
• UFED Cell Phone Tip and Cable Set
• 32 GB Rugged USB 3.0 Tubes (2 per kit)
• Digi-Guard Signal Blocking Faraday Pouch: Laptop/Notebook
• Digi-Guard Signal Blocking Faraday Pouch: Cell Phone Touch
• Digital Camera
• Choice of Cellebrite UFED *
• Choice of ADF Solutions Software **


UFED Touch Logical - enables fast, logical extraction of data from a wide range of devices with an easy-to-use touch screen

UFED Touch Ultimate - the most technologically advanced extraction, decoding, analysis, and reporting of mobile data with physical, logical, file system, and password extraction of all data (even if deleted) from the widest range of devices with an easy-to-use touch screen


ADF Solutions Triage-Responder - Designed with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology to supply detailed field reporting capabilities for nontechnical users

ADF Solutions Triage-Examiner - With advanced search capabilities to analyze and qualify evidence fast to reduce forensics backlog

ADF Solutions Triage-G2 -The media exploitation tool of choice for the U.S. Department of Defense to deploy in sensitive site exploitation toolkits for its operators