AURA Mobile Cart - 30" W x 36" H

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Mystaire AURA Ductless Fume Hoods are self-contained, filtered enclosures that remove hazardous fumes, vapors and particles from virtually any laboratory application. Unlike traditional fume hoods there are no installation costs and no ductwork needed.

Aura ductless fume hoods are fitted with the EverSafe II™ advanced microprocessor safety controller. EverSafe II features a digital display of face Momentum to assure users they are working within OSHA requirements. Sophisticated controls determine chemical breakthrough based on the type of solvents used within the hood. Visual and audible alarms alert operators if the airflow is at an unsafe level or if filters are approaching saturation, allowing sufficient time to replace filters. EverSafe II maintains fume hood face Momentum by taking constant measurements at the opening and adjusting airflow to ensure compliance to user preset values.

Filter Note: Our MYAU-30 and MYAU-30-010 Fume Hoods require three filters for operation: a Pre-Filter (included), and (1) Main and (1) Safety Filters (sold separately below). See "Choosing Your Filters" below.

Choosing Your Filters

The main filter should be selected based on how the unit will be used. For applications involving powders or dry particulates, a HEPA filter should be used. If chemicals and solvents will be used, a Hydrocarbon filter must be used. Main filters are interchangeable; however, the particulate pre-filter should be changed whenever switching between HEPA or Hydrocarbon filters. Particulate Pre-filters should also be changed upon low airflow.

AURA Features

• EverSafe II™ advanced microprocessor controller
• Electronic monitoring; low airflow and filter saturation alarms
• Filtrak™ filter locking system
• Powder coated aluminum head and chassis
• Filter performance verified by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy analysis (FTIR)
• Removable fiberglass spill tray
• ASHRAE 110-1995 certified
• Meets applicable OSHA and ANSI standards
• Full width sash openings; 30", 42", 54"

Filtrak™ Filter Locking System

Exclusive to Aura ductless fume hood is the Filtrak filter locking system. Filtrak provides added safety to the user by creating an airtight filter seal using a cam mechanism. The filter never slides in on its own gasket, preventing potential filter bypass from damaged gasketing. Alarms will indicate if the locking mechanism is not properly engaged to further minimize the risk of exposure to the user.

Filtrak allows for simple and easy filter installation and replacement!


Aura ductless fume hoods have a wide selection of gas phase and mechanical filtration media options. Mystaire gas phase filtration utilizes a broad range of charcoal based, coconut shell activated carbon and chemisorptive carbon for special applications to ensure containment. Application validation and proper filter selection are critical to ensuring operator safety and fume hood performance.

How AURA Works

Illustration of Aura's internal process

Laboratory air enters Aura at ?A? and is combined with contaminated air at ?B? before entering into filtration at ?C?. Filtration at ?C? can be either gas phase, mechanical or both depending on the application.

At ?D? air is pulled into the plenum area. The gas detector and test port sampling tubing are located in this area.

At ?E?, optional safety filtration can be installed before contaminent-free air is returned to the laboratory space at ?F?.

Aura is ASHRAE 110 tested.

Mobile Carts

For added mobility and flexibility Mystaire offers a complete line of companion mobile carts for the Aura ductless fume hoods. The mobile carts are epoxy coated steel with locking casters. They are designed specifically for the Mystaire line of products.