Ninhydrin Premixed Liquids - Thermal, HFE-7100, & Heptane-PE Based

$40.25 - $78.75
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Ninhydrin is an extremely sensitive method for developing latent prints on paper documents, letters, newspapers, envelopes, wrapping paper, checks, and other porous objects at a crime scene. Ninhydrin reacts to the proteins and amino acids found in fingerprints. In addition to our traditional Ninhydrin, we offer a Thermal Mixture formulation designed to be used on thermal and carbonless papers.

CHE-3510: Our Thermal Mixture formulation is designed to be used on thermal and carbon-less papers.

CHE-3509 & CHE-3515: Our HFE-7100-Based formulation is non-flammable.

CHE-3504: Our Heptane-PE-Based formulation is designed to minimize the running of inks.