Presumptive Blood Test Kit and Refills

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Phenolphthalein is one of the most commonly used chemicals in the field and forensics laboratory to indicate the presence of blood. Our Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Test Kit is useful in the field to determine if a suspected reddish-brown stain is blood or not. This test can help determine whether the stain needs to be collected as evidence.

Using the Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Test Kit is quick and simple. The test is administered by first collecting a positive control using the supplied Know Bloodstain Control. Next, a sample of the suspected stain should be collected using either a piece of filter paper or a cotton-tipped swab. One drop of each of the three reagents is then applied to the collected sample. They should always be applied in this order: Alcohol Reagent, Phenolphthalein Reagent, and Hydrogen Peroxide Reagent. The results are easy to read: a positive presumptive result causes the sample to turn a pink color.

Our Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Test Kit is packaged in a durable, lightweight plastic box for easy and safe transport from one crime scene to another. It includes all the premixed chemicals and supplies required to conduct the phenolphthalein blood test. All of the reagents are supplied in plastic dropper bottles for easy use. The kit also includes a Known Bloodstain Control to ensure that the test results are accurate. 

This kit comes with enough materials to test approximately 50-100 samples. All kit components are also available to reorder individually as needed in multiple sizes.


•  Plastic Kit Box, 8"L x 4" W x 1.75" H
•  Alcohol Reagent – 1.5 oz Dropper Bottle
•  Phenolphthalein Reagent – 1.5 oz Dropper Bottle
•  Hydrogen Peroxide Reagent – 1.5 oz Dropper Bottle
•  Distilled Water
•  Box of Filter Paper
•  Box of 3” Cotton-Tipped Swabs
•  Known Bloodstain Control
•  Kit Instructions Affixed to Inside of the Box

Note: Though not usual, our dyes and stains, depending on the quantity ordered, may require an additional hazardous shipping charge be added. We will contact you if this is the case.