Presumptive Blood Tests - SERO-TEST - 100 strips/pkg

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Our SERO-TEST Presumptive Blood Tests are a fast and easy way to presumptively identify blood at a crime scene. They are firm plastic strips with a patch on one end that contains the test reagents. This test is based upon the principle of the peroxidase action of hemoglobin which catalyzes the reaction of 3, 3’, 5, 5’-tetramethyl-benzedine, and buffered organic peroxide.

Although not as sensitive or specific as the Phenolphthalein, O-Tolidine, or HEME-TEST Presumptive Blood Tests, our SERO-TEST Presumptive Blood Tests provide an additional alternative to these tests. These tests do not affect subsequent DNA analysis.

Each package of SERO-TEST Presumptive Blood Tests contains 100 test strips.

To use SERO-TEST Presumptive Blood Tests, a sample is transferred to the reagent pad. If the suspected stain is liquid, dip or rub the pad onto the stain. If the suspected stain is dry, rub a pre-moistened cotton-tipped swab onto the stain and then touch it to the reagent pad on the SERO-TEST Presumptive Blood Test for a few seconds. After about a minute, the reagent pad will turn an olive green to deep blue color in the presence of blood.