Latent Print Fluorescent Stain - RAM Mixture - 1 Vial, 1 Ltr, or Rinse/Destain

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RAM Fluorescent Stain is a mixture of Rhodamine 6G, Ardrox, and MBD and is used after the cyanoacrylate development of prints.  It aids viewing and photographing latent prints on various colored surfaces and is particularly useful with prints developed on plastic bags.  These prints fluoresce well in a wide range of wavelengths, making this mixture very versatile.

RAM Fluorescent Stain Mixture is used in conjunction with cyanoacrylate to form a compound that will fluoresce under a laser or forensic light source. Note: It should never be used on latent prints that have not been fumed with cyanoacrylate.

RAM Fluorescent Stain Mixture can be applied by spraying the item or by submerging it into the liquid.  We offer a Rinse/Destain for convenient application.

To view the print, use a laser forensic light source in a dark room.  The print should now be photographed and kept as evidence.

Available in a 1-liter bottle of Premixed Mixture (Reorder No. CHE-3110) for immediate use or a Premeasured Concentrate Vial (Reorder No. CHE-3111) that should be mixed with one liter of solvent.