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Minutia Advancement Paste is a proprietary and patent pending solid that is applied to the hand and allows fingerprint live scan systems to capture the best possible image on the first attempt.

M.A.P. Sticks darken fingerprint images caused by dry skin, providing even contrast over the entire scan. The paste allows the user to attain passing scans with fewer rejects and to submit the best possible image of both finger and palm prints. These innovative paste sticks produce crisp scans of ridge detail, and inhibits over-application due to its solid form.

How does M.A.P. work?

• Swells ridges on hands - By using moisturizing agents, worn ridges swell slightly, allowing better detail to be captured by the scanner.

• Replaces natural oils - By using an oil found in nature that is nearly identical to the oil found in sebum (body sweat), the images of dry or calloused hands are darkened.

• Precise application - When properly applied, M.A.P. leaves no more residue than the body's natural oil would.

• Inhibits the spread of germs - With the addition of antimicrobial agents, the stick itself is less likely to spread germs.

• Alcohol free - Alcohol could interfere with breathalyzer test and degrades silicone pads in use on some machines.