Replacement Filter/Nozzle

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The importance of trace evidence such as glass shards, fibers, hair, and even plant spores is becoming increasingly more valuable to investigators since more and more crime laboratories are now using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) for trace evidence analysis. Our compact (17.8” L x 7.75” W x 9.25” H), lightweight (9 lbs., 14 oz.) Trace Evicence Vacuum Collection System is supplied with a 15 ft. power cord and incorporates a filter in the nozzle that traps trace evidence as small as 0.1 micron in size. Operation of the Trace Evidence Vacuum Collection System is straightforward. Simply remove the filter/nozzle assembly from the heat-sealed plastic bag, attach it to the vacuum hose which extends 5 ft., then vacuum the suspected area (cushions, couches, car interiors, etc.). After collection, place the filter/nozzle assembly in the self-sealing evidence bag provided and submit it to your crime laboratory for analysis.

Our vacuum system comes with one initial filter and evidence bag, plus a 3-year warranty.