Rescue Essentials Face Shields

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This lightweight face shield will provide a layer of protection, as well as unobstructed vision for the task at hand. The double-sided anti-fog PET shield and open cell foam headband allows for air movement to reduce fogging. An elastic headband provides a one-size fits most design that allows for fast and easy donning and doffing.

*The face shields come with a thin, protective film on both sides to prevent scratches or damage during shipping. Remove film before use for optimal visibility.

Compliant with the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

If cleaning is needed, we recommend gently wiping the face shield with clean water and a soft cloth. It is also possible to lightly wash with clean water and mild soap, or with standard household cleaners without bleach or alcohol. Cleaning with chemicals may degrade the anti-fog coating on the face shield. 

Dimensions: 8.7" H x 12.6" W