Basic Trace Evidence Collection Kit

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These inexpensive Trace Evidence Collection Kits are designed to assist officers in the proper collection of trace evidence. Each kit contains a total of 12 evidence containers, which are suitable for a wide variety of different types of evidence, along with seals to ensure the integrity of the evidence collected.

The use of our Basic Trace Evidence Collection Kit also assures crime laboratory personnel of receiving properly packaged and identifiable samples for analysis, as well as ensuring proper chain of custody.

Kit Components:

1 ea.Kit Envelope, 7.5" x 10.5", printed with Kit Instructions, Request for Examination, and Chain of Custody
4 ea. 1 oz. Metal Evidence Cans, suitable for paint chips, glass particles, metal fragments, soil, fibers, hair, or any small miscellaneous particles
4 ea. Paper Envelopes (containing pharmacy folded paper sheets), 3.125" x 5.5", suitable for dried blood (or other dried body fluids), hair, fibers, or any small miscellaneous particles
4 ea. Write-On Ziplock Bags, 3" x 5", suitable for soil samples, drugs/narcotics
1 ea. Stainless Steel Mini-Scalpel, for scraping paint, dry blood, or other body fluids off hard surfaces
12 ea. Tamper-evident Evidence Seals, for sealing the different types of evidence containers provided in the kit
1 ea.Tamper-evident Police Evidence Seal, for sealing kit envelope after evidence collection