Tri-Fold Photo Scale/Ruler - Metrics

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You will want one of these Tri-Fold Photo Scales/Rulers with you at any crime scene. Made of strong plastic and held together by brass grommets, each one is printed with sharp black lines (in inches or metrics) on a bright yellow background. They are ideal for use in crime scene photos and can be shaped into many shapes in order to accurately show the evidence being photographed.

One side of the Tri-Fold Photo Scales/Rulers is marked vertically while the other is marked horizontally. These rulers fold up easily and can be disinfected. They are 1.5" wide. The inch scale has 37" on the vertical side and one 12" run and another 24" run on the horizontal side. The metric scale has a 1 meter run on the vertical side and a 35 cm run and another 68 cm run on the horizontal side.