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Blood and Urine Specimen Collection Kit - 2 Tubes, 1 Bottle

The Specimen Collection Kits designed and manufactured by TRITECHFORENSICS assure crime laboratory personnel that they will receive undamaged, properly collected, and clearly identifiable specimens for analysis. They are supplied with a detailed step-by-step instruction sheet which eliminates confusion at the time of specimen collection by clearly defining and separating the responsibilities of the investigating officer from those of the medical personnel collecting the specimens. If you mail your kits to the crime laboratory, our boxed kits comply with commercial carrier and U.S. Postal regulations pertaining to the shipment of biological specimens.

Quantity: 25/case

* A partial case of 10 kits is also available for purchase.

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Blood and Urine Specimen Collection Kit - 2 Tubes, 1 Bottle - 25/case $199.50 $199.50 + Add to Favorites
Partial Case - Blood and Urine Specimen Collection Kit - 2 Tubes, 1 Bottle - 10/case $99.80 $99.80 + Add to Favorites
• 1 ea. Pre-sealed Kit Box (6" L x 4.75" W x 2.5" H) with biohazard label affixed
• 1 ea. Kit Instruction Sheet/FDA Insert
• 1 ea. Subject Consent Form
• 1 ea. Inner Box Blood Tube and Urine Bottle Holder with Investigating Officer's Report and Chain of Possession printed on security flap
• 1 ea. Tamper-evident Evidence Seal for sealing inner box
• 1 ea. 100 ml Urine Specimen Bottle
• 2 ea. 10 ml Blood Collection Tubes (gray-stoppered) containing 100 mg of sodium fluoride and 20 mg of potassium oxalate
• 1 ea. 20 g x 1.5" Multi-sample Needle
• 1 ea. Safety Tube and Needle Holder
• 1 ea. PVP Prep Pad (alcohol-free)
• 1 ea. Ziplock Bag containing a liquid absorbing sheet
• 3 ea. Tamper-evident Specimen Security/Identification Seals
• 1 ea. Tamper-evident Kit Box Shipping Seal for resealing outer kit box after specimen colletion


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