• 10X 6 Mode Magnifier, Side view.

    10X Magnifiers - 6 Mode

    These adjustable focus, handheld 10X 6 Mode Magnifiers can be used for viewing fingerprint record cards or in the UV mode for examining latent prints developed using fluorescent fingerprint powders. The unique design provides the user with white,...

    $395.00 - $405.00
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  • General Purpose Pocket Magnifier

    General Purpose Pocket Magnifier

    This general purpose 2" diameter Shirt Pocket Folding Magnifier is an excellent tool for examining latent prints at a crime scene. When not in use, the glass lens is protected from scratches in the felt-lined leatherette case.   So reasonably...

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  • Round Handheld Magnifiers

    Round Handheld Magnifiers

    Our series of high-quality Regular Handheld Glass Lens Magnifiers are provided with the finest optically ground ophthalmic glass lenses.   The chrome-plated brass frames hold the lenses in the center of the frames to prevent the lenses from being...

    $7.50 - $15.75
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  • Handheld General Purpose Acrylic Magnifier Lens

    Handheld General Purpose Acrylic Magnifier Lens

    Our series of high quality, low-cost Handheld Acrylic Lens Magnifiers are ideal for the examination of latent prints and many other types of physical evidence in the laboratory or at a crime scene. These lightweight magnifiers are provided with...

    $5.25 - $17.95
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  • Magnifying Lamp

    Magnifying Lamp

    This 38" high Magnifying Lamp mounts directly to the back of the Downflow Workstation, allowing you to monitor the development of latent prints. The Magnifying Lamp can be ordered with the workstation or at a later date. It can also be mounted on a lab...

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  • General Purpose 10X Lens Magnifier

    General Purpose 10X Lens Magnifier

    This fixed-focus 10X General Purpose Magnifier has a built-in, battery-powered, push-button, ON/OFF white light source, which can be extremely useful at crime scenes. This magnifier contains two 1” (24 mm) diameter, optically ground and polished...

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  • Dome Magnifiers

    Dome Magnifiers

    Our series of unbreakable, lightweight, solid acrylic Dome Magnifiers are excellent tools for viewing both lifted latent prints and prints on fingerprint record cards. These 4X Dome Magnifiers are scratch-resistant and provide the user with...

    $14.75 - $35.00
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  • 10X Fingerprint Magnifier Lens with Tripod

    10X Fingerprint Magnifier Lens with Tripod

    This inexpensive 10X Tripod Fingerprint Magnifier comes with two 1” (24 mm) diameter, precision polished, biconvex plastic lenses. Precise focusing is accomplished with a worm screw height adjustment. The tripod design allows for the use of a...

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  • Magnifiers - Fingerprints - 5X Lens with Disc

    Magnifiers - Fingerprints - 5X Lens with Disc

    The Regula MAG-FM5 and MAG-FM/L Fingerprint Magnifiers were designed specifically for classification and investigation of fingerprints and for examination of small objects using 5X magnification. Each magnifier contains one 1.8 in (46 mm) diameter,...

    $130.00 - $205.00
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  • Folding Fingerprint 6X Lens Magnifier

    Folding Fingerprint 6X Lens Magnifier

    This fixed-focus 6X Folding Fingerprint Magnifier has a folding metal stand and two optically ground and polished glass lenses.   This magnifier is provided in a leatherette protective case which allows you to use it in the field as well as the...

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  • Magnifier - Fingerprint Classifier - 4.5X Lens

    Magnifier - Fingerprint Classifier - 4.5X Lens

    This German-crafted Fingerprint Classifier Magnifier has the finest optics and the most distortion-free, flat-field lenses available.   An independent study by the Science & Practices Committee of the California State Division of the...

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