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Digital Forensics

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Specimen Collection

  • Custom DNA Kits
  • Sexual Assault Examination
  • Fingernail/Fingertip
  • Postmortem Collection
  • Child Specific Examination
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Featured Products

NOSA Plugs - Odor Inhibitor, Menthol, 100/pkg

NOSA Plugs - Odor Inhibitor, Menthol, 100/pkg

Multiple Options Available

NOSA Plugs provide discreet protection and neutralizes bad odors without affecting your breathing capacity. Odor has as much of an effect on a person as the temperature, ventilation, and noise around...

$9.99 - $99.75
CS Scan Forensic Light System, full kit

FoxFury® CS Forensic Photo Light System


The FoxFury CS Forensic Photo Light System offers multiple blue and UV wavelengths in one light. This allows the user to scan between 4 different wavelengths (365, 395, 450, and 470nm)...

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LIMA Forensic Case Management Software

LIMA Forensic Case Management Software


Contact us for a quote, to place an order, or with any questions. Lima Forensic Case Management Software enables digital forensic and eDiscovery practices - regardless of size - to operate...

Keson Pocket Rod

Keson Pocket Rod

Multiple Options Available

We are proud to distribute these Keson Pocket Rods to our forensic customers. While they may look like standard tape measures, in actuality each of these tools are a rigid height gauge that are...

Evidence Bags

Evidence Bags

Multiple Options Available

Our tough, tamper-evident Evidence Bags have a self-sealing adhesive strip that forms an instantaneous and permanent seal, making it impossible to reopen the bags without destroying them. A...

$23.52 - $43.63
Buccal Swab Collection Kit, Contents view.

Buccal Swab Collection Kit


Our Buccal Swab Collection Kit is the least intrusive of our series of Suspect DNA Specimen Collection Kits and is designed for use by non-medical personnel. The cotton-tipped swabs are placed in the...

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 AA Master Homicide Investigation Kit, Kit contents view.

AA Master Homicide Investigation Kit


Our three-tier AA Master Homicide Investigation Kit is specifically designed for homicide investigators and contains all necessary components for developing and lifting latent prints, taking...

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