• NIK - Presumptive Drug Tests

    NIK - Presumptive Drug Tests

    Multiple Options Available

    The testing of suspected drugs by most crime laboratories can take several weeks. Because of this delay, and with the cooperation of Prosecuting Attorneys, many police agencies have now turned to presumptive drug testing kits. If the results of …

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  • NIK Porta-Pac

    NIK Porta-Pac


      The NIK® Porta-Pac® is recommended for narcotics identification operations where portability and ease-of-use are prime considerations. The 20 tests presumptively identify 25 different controlled substances. Reagent shelf lif…

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  • NIK® Master-Pac®, Kit open view.

    NIK® Master-Pac®


    The NIK® Master-Pac® is recommended for military, law enforcement, intelligence, customs, postal service, correctional facilities, and safety/security investigations where the need for complete polytesting is anticipated. It can als…

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  • NIK® 60-Pac®

    NIK® 60-Pac®


    The tests in this kit presumptively identify the same drugs as the 50-Pac®, NIK-6050. This kit also contains the highly selective Test G for the presumptive identification of cocaine. There are two levels of screening for many substances. Re…

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