Fingerprinting Tools

  • Ready Ridge Fingerprint Rehydration Solution

    Ready Ridge Fingerprint Rehydration Solution

    TRITECHFORENSICS' Ready Ridge Fingerprint Rehydration Solution produces better ridge detail for the fingerprinting of both living and deceased individuals with faster results using a patent-pending rehydration technology developed by KDL Solutions. Ready...

    $6.00 - $31.50
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  • 10X Fingerprint Magnifier Lens with Tripod

    10X Fingerprint Magnifier Lens with Tripod

    This inexpensive 10X Tripod Fingerprint Magnifier comes with two 1” (24 mm) diameter, precision polished, biconvex plastic lenses. Precise focusing is accomplished with a worm screw height adjustment. The tripod design allows for the use of a...

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  • Ridge Counter Scriber

    Ridge Counter Scriber

    Our Fingerprint Ridge Counters are the finest ridge counters available. Model A has a retractable tip which stores within the handle, and Model B has a fixed tip. They are supplied in clear, capped plastic protectors.

    $8.25 - $11.75
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  • Fingerprint Ridge Builder

    Fingerprint Ridge Builder

    TRITECHFORENSICS' Fingerprint Ridge Builder is used to add definition and clarity to fingerprint ridges, permitting you to obtain readable prints from the elderly, subjects with poor ridge structure, or subjects who work with their hands, such as brick...

    $9.95 - $34.95
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  • Re-Print Tabs

    Re-Print Tabs

    Our adhesive-backed Re-Print Tabs are used for covering up unacceptable prints on fingerprint record cards. These tabs can be used with Porelon® semi-inkless pads and fingerprint slab ink. There are 500 Re-Print Tabs per roll, and each roll is...

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  • Porelon Palm Print Pad, Front open view.

    Porelon Palm Print Pad

    Our Porelon® Palm Print Ink Pad measures 8.312" x 7” and will take thousands of palm prints. The nontoxic, nonfading, permanent, ultra-black ink rises to the surface of the micro reticulated thermoplastic resin pad by means of capillary action...

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