Evidence Photography

  • Photomacrographic Scales -ABFO No.2

    Photomacrographic Scales -ABFO No.2

    Multiple Options Available

      The ABFO No. 2 Scale was designed by the American Board of Forensic Odontology and is used through the country when photographing bite marks on a victim’s body. The three crosshair circles are useful in helping to compensate for di…

    $5.36 - $7.04
  •  Adhesive-Backed 2" Photo Scales, Front view.

    Adhesive-Backed 2" Photo Scales

    Multiple Options Available

    These Adhesive-Backed 2" (50 mm long) Photo Scales are available in 3 different, non-glare colors and are primarily used on vertical surfaces such as walls, cabinets, car fenders, windows, for photographing bullet holes, blood spatter, fingerpri…

    $10.40 - $14.00
  • Photo Scales

    Photo Scales

    Multiple Options Available

    These flexible, non glare plastic/vinyl scales are available in 2 lengths and 12 different colors, including fluorescent and phosphorescent, to guarantee contrast against any type or color background. Each scale is marked in both inches and…

    $5.20 - $11.50
  • Adhesive-Backed Photo Scale Tape

    Adhesive-Backed Photo Scale Tape

    Multiple Options Available

    Our Adhesive-Backed Photo Scale Tape is a useful addition to any crime scene evidence collection kit. This tape can be applied to any surface (glass, metal, paper, plastic and wood) and can be easily removed without damaging the surface. These p…

  • Adhesive-Backed L-Shaped Photo Scales

    Adhesive-Backed L-Shaped Photo Scales

    Multiple Options Available

      Our L-shaped Photomacrograph Scales are available in two sizes and are supplied 100 scales per roll. Simply peel off the scale from the roll and affix it to any vertical surface. The adhesive is non-permanent and will not damage most sur…

    $9.95 - $19.58
  • Photo Scale Tape, Rolled and flat tape view.

    Photo Scale Tape


    This continuous roll, adhesive-backed Photo Scale Tape is one you will want to have at a crime scene. The bright yellow color causes it to stand out in photos, making it easier to read. It is made of glare-resistant materials and printed wi…

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  • Disposable Photo Scales - 25/pkg

    Disposable Photo Scales - 25/pkg


    These Tritech photo scales are printed on heavy, white cardstock. These 6" Disposable Evidence Scales are inexpensive and include both inch and centimeter measurements. Information about the crime scene, photo, or location can be noted on the sc…

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  • Adhesive-Backed Fluorescent Photo Scales

    Adhesive-Backed Fluorescent Photo Scales


    These 2” (50 mm long) scales fluoresce under a UV light source and are used when photographing evidence that has been treated with fluorescent powders or dyes. Quantity: 50 per package

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  • Photo Markers - Letters & Numbers

    Photo Markers - Letters & Numbers

    Multiple Options Available

    These durable, brightly-colored photo markers are used to clearly identify photographs of evidence. Our yellow plastic markers have a matte finish, come with either numbers or letters, and measure 7.25” H x 4.5” W.

    $40.58 - $121.91
  • Photo Evidence Documentation Kit

    Photo Evidence Documentation Kit


    The TRITECHFORENSICS Photo Evidence Documentation Kit is designed to provide crime scene investigators with an array of evidence marking materials, making photo documentation as easy and accurate as possible. Kit Components: 1 ea. Utility Case…

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  • Keson Pocket Rod

    Keson Pocket Rod

    Multiple Options Available

    We are proud to distribute these Keson Pocket Rods to our forensic customers. While they may look like standard tape measures, in actuality each of these tools are a rigid height gauge that are designed to roll into a housing that looks like a t…

  • Photographic Evidence Marking Kit

    Photographic Evidence Marking Kit


    This 7” x 9” three-ring notebook contains 1,900 1” x 1.375” nonglare, matte finish, adhesive-backed labels for photographing evidence.Each notebook contains 50 metric scale labels, 50 arrow labels, 50 ea. (0-9) numeral la…

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  • KISS System - Wound Photo Scales

    KISS System - Wound Photo Scales

    Multiple Options Available

    The KISS System™ is a complete photo documentation system using a patented photo scale design to reduce the subjectivity in wound photographs. This system is color-coded to size and conforms to the curvature of the body. We recognize …

    $140.00 - $184.54
  • Nomad Prime Portable Lighting System - White

    Nomad Prime Portable Lighting System - White


    When you need a powerful, go-anywhere light, think Nomad. The Nomad Prime portable, rechargeable, quick deploying lighting system can go anywhere, including uneven terrain. The all-weather, impact-resistant Nomad Prime can be carried through the…

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